What Are Big Decisions People Make?

    What is one big decision you have made in the last few months? How did you make that decision?

    We all make big decisions in our lives, but how we make them can vary greatly. We asked a Speaker and Mindset Coach, a Senior Editor and Writer, and a Co-Founder and Senior SEO Strategist to share their recent decision-making experiences. From balancing your work lives to enrolling a child in a nursery, here are the three significant decisions they've made in the last few months and how they arrived at them.

    • Balancing Entrepreneurship with Part-Time Work
    • Investing in Personal Speaking Skills
    • Resigning from Job
    • Starting a Business
    • Moving for Financial and Lifestyle Reasons
    • Resuming Global Cycling Journey with Minimal Workload
    • Enrolling My Child in Nursery

    Balancing Entrepreneurship with Part-Time Work

    Over the last few months, I was in the midst of deciding whether I wanted to continue as an entrepreneur or work for another company in a full-time capacity. What worked best for me was allowing some time to pass and focusing on self-reflection. I asked myself questions like:

    • Why am I considering a change?
    • What will this change offer me?
    • What will this change take away from me?

    By not making a quick decision, the answers came to me. Now, I have the best of both worlds, still running my business while working for a company in a part-time capacity.

    Kelli Anderson
    Kelli AndersonCareer Coach, Texas General Insurance

    Investing in Personal Speaking Skills

    One big decision I made in the last few months is investing in myself. By investing in myself, I mean I spent $8,500 on a 10-week speaking program to become a better motivational speaker.

    Even though I've done some speaking engagements, including a TEDx talk, I wanted to continue learning about the speaking business and refining my speaking skills. I also wanted to meet women speakers and hear their amazing stories! I believe you can never have enough resources and lessons in life, especially when it comes to your passion and craft. Investing in yourself is part of your success journey and is the absolute solution to becoming better than who you were yesterday.

    Kelli Chu
    Kelli ChuSpeaker and Mindset Coach, Kelli Chu

    Resigning from Job

    The big decision I made last month was resigning from my job. Making the decision to resign from a job can be a complex process. Here are some of my considerations when making this decision to resign.

    1. Reflect on My Reasons: Take the time to understand why I am resigning.
    2. Evaluate the Options: Consider alternative solutions before resigning.
    3. Consider Long-Term Goals: Reflect on long-term career goals and how the current job aligns with them.
    4. Assess Financial Readiness: Evaluate the financial situation and ensure that I have a plan in place.
    5. Seek Advice and Support: They can help evaluate the options and consider factors that I may have overlooked. Their insights can be invaluable in making an informed decision.

    Resigning is a significant decision, and it's essential to approach it thoughtfully and responsibly. If possible, try to maintain professionalism and leave on good terms, as the reputation and relationships can impact future career prospects.

    Georgi Todorov
    Georgi TodorovFounder, ThriveMyWay

    Starting a Business

    One big decision I made in the last few months was to start my own business! I'm an accountant with over a decade in the field, but I was ready to branch off and start my own firm. With doing so, I realized there were two major ways I could go about growing my own firm: (1) grow organically, brick by brick, or (2) buy an aging firm and acquire a client list.

    So, I spent the last six months focusing on option 2. I paid for webinars from people who had acquired 60+ accounting firms, I met with industry leaders to learn about their experiences and pitfalls, and I started working with banks and brokers to prepare for my big purchase! But, as is the nature of life, it ended up not working out. All of the firms that were selling had owners that were older and uneasy about selling to someone half their age.

    So, I pivoted to option 1. I started self-learning all things SEO. Needless to say, my business has since skyrocketed! The next best thing to buying clients is having them find you for free on Google!

    Stephanie Heredia
    Stephanie HerediaCEO, Taxes Tampa LLC

    Moving for Financial and Lifestyle Reasons

    The biggest decision I've had to make in the last few months is whether to move into my home or renew the lease on my apartment. I enjoy being in the city where I am, but it was becoming too expensive. So, most of the decision came down to money. My monthly rent in the city is about $1500, and my monthly mortgage is $900. I talked to many people who I know are good with money about the idea, and they all suggested moving into the house.

    Living conditions played a part in my decision as well. My house has a yard, and having a place for my daughter to play is important to me. Right now, she doesn’t have much to do in my apartment.

    I was also getting money from renters in that house, but dealing with renters was becoming a pain and not worth the amount of cash I was getting from it. So, in order to save my sanity and save money, I elected to move into the house once my lease is up.

    Aiden Higgins
    Aiden HigginsSenior Editor and Writer, The Broke Backpacker

    Resuming Global Cycling Journey with Minimal Workload

    I cycled 13,000 miles from the UK to Vietnam. The plan was to cycle around the globe, but Covid halted my travels. I flew home and freelanced during the pandemic. I founded a brand, started working with other freelancers, and gained amazing clients.

    In 2023, when the world opened again, I began to resign from clients. I would earn less and have fewer clients, but this would enable me to complete my cycle around the world. I'm in Australia now, my 26th country, and I have at least 10 months and 10 countries to go before I get back home and return to growing my business.

    The decision was easy for me to make. In short, it's more likely that I will be able to work than it is that I will always be able to ride a bike 24,000 miles around the globe. I chose to live for today and finish my adventure. However, I did put careful plans in place. I kept manageable clients so I could earn as I go. I saved enough for a mortgage for when I return. Business growth is on pause, but I can grow once I'm back.

    Zoe Ashbridge
    Zoe AshbridgeCo-Founder & Senior SEO Strategist, forank

    Enrolling My Child in Nursery

    Enrolling my son in nursery school a few months ago was not an easy step, especially as he was only 2.5 then. However, it was understood that no adult could provide as much space for social and emotional development as a peer group.

    Like any other decision parents make, this was backed by much research and thought. A few options were chosen, the pros and cons of each were carefully analyzed, and an integrated, scientific nursery school in the neighborhood was picked. Providing an inclusive environment played a crucial role in the decision-making process. It's important to remember that we are all different. Getting used to these differences—and celebrating them—should start at the earliest age possible.

    The decision, although difficult, turned out to be a great one. My son couldn't be happier! Interacting with peers, developing social skills, and learning by playing bring him tons of joy. There's a sense of pride in this little boy at the beginning of his educational and social journey. There's also an appreciation for uninterrupted work and more time for oneself.

    Agata Szczepanek
    Agata SzczepanekCommunity Manager, MyPerfectResume

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