Which Technology Tools are Transforming the Mortgage Industry?


    Which Technology Tools are Transforming the Mortgage Industry?

    In the ever-evolving world of mortgage professionals, we sought insights from the front lines to discover the technological game-changers. From Arive streamlining loan workflows to POS applications boosting engagement, here are the top seven transformative tech tools, as revealed by mortgage experts.

    • Arive Streamlines Loan Workflow
    • Blu Mortgage - A Comprehensive CRM
    • Social Media Expands Marketing Reach
    • Blockchain Enhances Document Security
    • Automated Underwriting Systems Increase Efficiency
    • Salesforce and DocuSign Revolutionize Operations
    • Website and POS Applications Boost Engagement

    Arive Streamlines Loan Workflow

    Hands down, the most transformative piece of technology for our firm at X2 Mortgage has been our loan operating system: Arive. Our entire workflow is highly systematized through Arive. It allows us to piece loans together quickly and efficiently while also being in constant communication with our internal team members, such as loan officers, assistants, processors, etc., to our external partners, such as real estate agents, title officers, and insurance professionals. Arive gives our entire mortgage process a significant edge over the competition!

    Shawn Malkou
    Shawn MalkouManaging Mortgage Broker, X2 Mortgage

    Blu Mortgage - A Comprehensive CRM

    Blu Mortgage - CRM, love, love, love this platform! It speaks directly with Velocity, so it's been amazing. I was also able to cancel some of the other tools I was using that are built in with Blu. It manages my database not only with clients but referral partners as well. It has a social app, campaigns, sign documents, bookings, and a work drive to store my client files. I can customize my templates and create workflows that automate based on my requirements to make me look like a rock star to my clients. It really is a one-stop shop for all my needs.

    Stacey Lush
    Stacey LushPartner, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Connection

    Social Media Expands Marketing Reach

    The one piece of technology that has had the largest impact on how I work as a mortgage broker would have to be social media! The prevalence of social media in our daily lives has created a plethora of opportunities for brokers and our clients alike. Thanks to social media, marketing activities are more cost-effective and allow you to reach a much broader, and usually more engaged, audience. As an education-focused broker, I love this, as it makes educating would-be buyers that much easier!

    Jeremy Hamelin
    Jeremy HamelinMortgage Broker, Axiom Mortgage Solutions

    Blockchain Enhances Document Security

    The creation of blockchain for document clouds has enabled us to create individual, secure, shared folders for each client. This has been one of the best transformations in how we work and provide document security.

    We can now:

    1. Meet regulations for document storage requirements,

    2. Provide document security to clients,

    3. Avoid worrying about the potential for documents being lost or stolen over email, and

    4. Control access for team members to only the documents on files they need.

    Keith UtheMortgage Broker, Mortgage Alliance Enrich Mortgage Group

    Automated Underwriting Systems Increase Efficiency

    One significant piece of technology that has revolutionized the work of mortgage professionals is the advent of automated underwriting systems (AUS). These powerful software platforms have transformed the mortgage application process by enabling faster, more accurate risk assessments.

    With AUS, mortgage professionals can quickly input borrower information and receive an immediate recommendation on loan approval, streamlining what was once a time-consuming manual review process. This not only accelerates the loan approval timeline, significantly improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, but also enhances the accuracy of lending decisions by relying on complex algorithms to analyze credit risk.

    Consequently, AUS technology has allowed mortgage professionals to handle a higher volume of applications with greater precision, fundamentally changing the dynamics of the mortgage industry.

    Tim Walker
    Tim WalkerMortgage Broker, MortgageTim

    Salesforce and DocuSign Revolutionize Operations

    The pivotal shift from traditional paper filing systems to embracing Salesforce CRM, coupled with the integration of DocuSign, has revolutionized our operations at Dominion Lending Centres Homestead Financial. This transition, which took place approximately a decade ago, has been a cornerstone in enhancing our efficiency and elevating the client experience.

    Salesforce CRM has empowered us with a streamlined, centralized platform for managing customer interactions, data analytics, and operational workflows, which has significantly reduced processing times and improved data accuracy. Meanwhile, DocuSign has brought the convenience of secure electronic signatures, making the mortgage approval process faster, more secure, and environmentally friendly.

    Together, these technologies have not only optimized our internal processes but also transformed how clients engage with mortgage services, setting new standards in the industry for speed, security, and customer satisfaction.

    Catherine Evel
    Catherine EvelMortgage Broker, Dominion Lending Centres Homestead Financial

    Website and POS Applications Boost Engagement

    One technological asset that has consistently delivered significant benefits over the years is our website, thanks to the expertise of our partners at 8 Blocks. Serving as our virtual billboard on the internet, our website plays a pivotal role in reassuring clients about the credibility of our services and facilitating their journey with us.

    Moreover, our website hosts our point-of-sale (POS) applications, accessible to every active loan originator, thereby jump-starting the loan process efficiently.

    By bolstering our SEO efforts, offering educational resources to clients, and serving as the starting point for loan applications, our website emerges as an indispensable asset, second only to the dedicated efforts of the team at AZ Mortgage Broker, LLC.

    Craig Turley
    Craig TurleyOwner-Broker and CMC, AZ Mortgage Broker, LLC